The secrets of Willowra

Willowra is part of Gabrielle’s personal heritage and history. Indeed, this family ranch in the Australian outback was her whole world until her homosexuality pushed her to flee to Sydney to find refuge, leaving her brother, parents and cherished grandmother behind.

Years later, after she’s made a life for herself with her partner Tess, Gabrielle is forced to return. This journey coincides with a period when the two young women are experiencing relationship difficulties for the very first time : Gabrielle fears she will be unable to face the event that is about to change their lives forever.

So it is reluctantly that Gabrielle agrees to the last wishes of her dying grandmother, Victoria, who has called for the entire family to gather around her, for she is intent on revealing family secrets that she’s had to keep safe for most of her life.

During this visit, Gabrielle is going to discover the wholly unexpected story of her family through the lives of her ancestors –Jason, Maggie, and Victoria– who paved the way to her future happiness in an unsuspected fashion : The story of Willowra.

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